Camarillo Library Offers Courses Free To Our Group

Rob Paulis at the computer lab upstairs in the Camarillo library.

The Camarillo library is offering us the ablitiy to bring in folks from our meetup to take any course. usually charges a monthly fee for access to these courses, but if we use the computers in the computer lab we have free access to these classes.

We only have access to the classes via the lab computers however we are unable to install software on these computers so if anyone would like to try out what they are learning on their own site you'll need to bring along a laptop with whatever software you require to edit files on your site (either local or remote).

Everyone will be working at their own pace so we'll need headphones to listen to the material. Bring your own headphones or I think you can buy them at the library for a small fee.

1013771_557349304306544_1444856370_nYou can access these classes anytime by just becoming a library member and reserving a computer in the lab. The advantage of doing the classes in a group is that we can help each other over any rough spots.