If you would like to give a presentation to the WordPress group please let us know. Topics should be WordPress specific in nature. We use these presentations to share information and not to promote products or services.

Presentations should be apx. 30 to 35 mins in length with 5 or 10 mins for questions. We do have a preferred meeting schedule that you can find on the schedule page to give you an idea of how your presentation will be fit into the meeting.

We typically have a projector and WiFi. We prefer to have a prepared presentation with slides. Although it's fine to do a live demo, things tend to go more wrong with a live presentation.

Please fill out the following form to let us know about you and the topic of your proposed presentation.

Presentation Submission

Please fill out this form and about the presentation you'd like to give.
  • You can visit our meetup page to find scheduled dates.
    We generally meet on the first Wed. of the month.